Monster Mercenary Mates

Step aboard, for a price...

Caught by the Alien Mercenary

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Mercenary, Monster, Fated mates

Turns out, the most notorious Mercenary Captain in the quadrant takes offense when he finds a human stowed away in his private quarters.


Once, I was a renowned archaeologist, then I got abducted. I’m so sick of my life being beyond my control, that when it happens again, I fight back. I escape and hide away on the first ship I can find, hoping to get far away and then plead my case so they can take me back to the human sanctuary.

I witness things I shouldn’t, once I’m in the lair of the ship’s monstrous Captain. This scaly creature draws me, enrages me, covets me, and secretly provides for me. I make him glow, and that makes him mad, but I know what it means, even if he doesn’t.


At first, the human stowaway is a nuisance I do not need when I am on a quest to avenge the death of my unborn son and wife. She makes me want and feel things I refuse to let into my life, my heart, once again.

On a mission to thwart my nemesis, I do not need her as a complication, and yet there she is. Proving herself smart, resilient, and far too brave for her own good. I don’t want her to tear down my walls, I do not want to admit that she is my mate. When danger comes knocking, fate has other ideas.

I find that for this one human, I am willing to break all my rules. I find that I might just be willing to surrender my heart.

This is a standalone novel, and book one in the Monster Mercenary Mates series. This sci-fi monster romance features one grumpy Naga spaceship captain, a plucky human archaeologist, and a steamy HEA.

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