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Protected by the Alien Mercenary

Trapped in a terrible situation, I decide to hire a mercenary to help me escape. Pay him? I’m sure we’ll figure that out…

Chased by the guy who wants to own me, I find myself trusting the one man who can save me. Thar’oc and I have to hide, fight, and uncover our burgeoning feelings. Can we make it out alive, and discover that true love exists?

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The Naga Scavenger's Precious Mate

He is the king of beasts, the lord of water, and I’m his captive mate.

He is feral and dangerous. Everything I’m not, and we don’t even speak the same language. He courts me like I’m meant to be his. Gifts, touches, passion… Who can resist that?

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Robin O'Connor

Sci-fi & monster romance novelist

I love to write about strong, super sexy, alien heroes and quirky heroines, although lately a few monsters have been slipping in too, begging for their mates! I'm always working on at least a half dozen projects at the same time but I'm never without time to answer your questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

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Healed by the Orc

My vacation turns on its head when ancient stones throw me straight into the arms of an Orc.

I’m supposed to be dying of cancer, so this is no time to have a brave, kind guy like Blade fall in love with me. He protects me from his scary alien overlords despite my secrets. When passion rises anyway, this Orc proves to be more than a just warrior. Is it enough for our love to survive?

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