Doom Averted

Doom Averted

Trapped on a space wreck, alone. My only hope is a grumpy, sexy voice on the other side of the line.

Arianna wakes up to a nightmare, stuck in space she doesn’t let it get her down. This glass-half-full gall is more than ready to convince a grumpy ex-gladiator to move heaven and earth for her. When she and Da’vi give in to their sizzling attraction between the rescue and the wild space chases, can the two make it?


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Gladiator's Sanctuary

Sold by her ex to be breeding stock to a crime lord. Jasmin is trapped in the dark with a wounded, sexy gladiator.

Features one badass gladiator with a heart of gold and a tough pilot down on her luck. When Yashan finds Jasmin in the cell next to him, he discovers he’d do anything to rescue this tough lady. Between their sizzling attraction, and the Beast in the cell across from them, will they manage to escape?

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