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Gladiator's Sanctuary

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction

Sold by her ex to be breeding stock to a crime lord. Jasmin is trapped in the dark with a wounded, sexy gladiator.


My life is in shambles after the betrayal of my ex-boyfriend. He thinks he can make some quick cash selling me, and take my precious ship too. No one takes my ship from me!

They lock me in a dark cell, awaiting my new master’s return. What I hadn’t counted on, was the sexy, wounded gladiator in the cell next to mine. I’m never falling for a sexy body or a pretty face again, but it’s a struggle to fight the sizzling attraction between us.

And when a flood means we end up locked into the same cell… I can’t possibly keep my hands to myself.


My gladiator days are numbered, and my shoulder is too damaged to properly heal. If I don’t escape now, my next fight will see me dead on the sands.

When I witness the feisty female being captured, my instincts clamor at me to rescue her. To claim her as my own and protect her from what is to come if we don’t escape. But how can I rescue her, when I haven’t managed to rescue myself?

They put her in the cell next to mine, and sparks fly. She wants me, just like I want her. When the opportunity to escape arises, I put her safety ahead of mine. I’ll get her out, even if it means dying.

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Beast Unburdened

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction

First, they abduct me from Earth. Now, they want to use me as his breeding stock.


Space-napped, that was my weekend. Work one day, outer space the next. And these slavers aren’t playing around, I'm designated as an ideal match for an eight foot tall beast, covered in green scales and a pair of sharp horns to boot.

He’s terrifying. He’s a killer. A gladiator.

But he's the only thing standing between me and a fate worse than death. Working together is our only chance at freedom and I'll do what I’ve got to do… Every Beast needs a Beauty, and in the dark of the night, maybe I can be his.


I catch her scent before I see her. A female.

All my instincts demand I claim her, protect her, make her mine. But this female is frightened and we are prisoners. The only option left is breaking our shackles and taking this spaceship as our own.

Inside the ring and out of it, I'll fight for us both until my dying breath to prove that even a beast like me can be worthy of her love.

Beast Unburdened is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, some more beastly than others, a strong heroine with a fierce attitude, and the biggest beast with the softest heart.

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Trickster Caught

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction

A secret stowaway, an alien shapeshifter, a truth that could destroy them both...


My entire life has been one disaster after another. Taken from Earth, stolen by space pirates, and now stuck in the cargo bay, praying the alien walking in won't find me.

Except… When he growls in pain I have to look. Of course, I do. Abs that go on for days, intriguing lines marking a path down his body, and more injuries than I can count.


This little stowaway... I want her.

I want to protect her, take her, love her, fly with her. But first, she has to trust me. So I show her the one thing I’ve hidden all my life, but sharing my secret comes at a price.

Her nav-augment is degrading, killing her slowly unless we do something. Somehow I need to find a way to get her the replacements she needs. I’d do anything to save her life, anything. Even if it means I end up back home, trapped in hellish servitude.

Trickster Caught is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring a shape-shifting alien gladiator, a sweet heroine with a huge problem, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Deviant Challenged

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Enemies to lovers

My own people tried to kill me. Now I need to convince this grumpy gladiator to help me.


Getting myself stranded, drifting through space was not on my to do list. But when the Alliance I’ve served for years suddenly tries to kill me, I’ve got little choice but to brave the endless void. Now who do I trust?

Then there’s the big, leather wearing, pierced and tattooed gladiator who has it in for me. We trade sparks as easily as insults, his sexy as sin body, and bad boy vibes getting right under my skin. But it’s the pain he hides, even from his gladiator brothers that gets to me.

Can I convince him to help me clear my name and get home? Or will I risk it all and give in to this sizzling attraction?


There’s a murder to solve and a feisty, traitorous human female to subdue. When she boards the Vagabond its clear she’s in league with our previous owner, the crimelord Drameil. I’d do anything to protect my brothers, even if that means locking up the pretty female that seems to want to challenge me every step of the way.

When my investigation takes a surprising turn, its Camila that’s at my side, helping me. I want to trust that. Trust the instincts urging me to claim her. To make her mine.

But she wants to go home to her family, and the Alliance is still trying to kill her. We have to find out why, and we have to stop them. I have to help her get home, even if that means I’ll lose her in the end.

Deviant Challenged is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a grumpy hero, a bad ass heroine with a sassy mouth, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Feral Tamed

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction

I’m stranded on a strange planet and the alien who just rescued me? He thinks I’m his mate.


I’m supposed to be dead, but I just woke up on a crash site, on an alien planet. I do the only thing I can think of, survive.

When a strange feral-looking alien chases after me with his monstrous animal companion, those odds seem stacked against me. Except he rescues me from what would have been certain death, for real this time.

I can’t understand a word he says, but his message is clear.

He thinks I’m his mate.

At first, that seems terrifying, even if he is all sexy muscles and fierce protectiveness. But when he’s all that stand between me and even bigger monsters...


My mission is clear, find human survivors and bring them back to the Vagabond and my gladiator brothers. This lone female, her scent tells me she is all mine. I don’t want to share her.

When rescuing her ends with us both trapped in an underground cave system, I seize my opportunity to seduce her. Even if she can’t understand what I say, I make sure she knows just what I mean.

Down on the planet, I feel like she is all mine. But once we’re back on the ship… Am I going to be able to keep her?

When my brothers discover what I’m capable of.

What I did.

They’ll kick me off the ship. Ruin any chance I have at convincing my pretty Hina to stay at my side. I can’t let that happen, I’ll do anything to keep my mate.

Feral Tamed is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a feral hero, a heroine with a heartof gold, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Healer Hunted

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Doctor

Pheromone dependency no way, I think the captured alien doctor just has the hots for me.


I was stolen from my home planet and forced to work at a fancy resort. When I end up cleaning the room of the sexy alien doctor… I develop what he calls a pheromone dependency.

He’s irresistible.

He’s the son of the evil lady holding me captive.

He’s as trapped as I am, so we work together to escape. Only, not everything is what it seems and the more time I spend with him, the less I want to resist.


Trapped again, I discover one horrible truth about my family after another. The only bright light is Noa, with her colorful tattoos and her sass.

I want her, I will have her.

Without my medical scanner I can’t be sure, but I know it anyway. She’s my true mate. I will walk through fire to save her, I will play any role to free her if I must. I will betray my family, my friends, if it means she can escape.

Healer Hunted is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, asexy alien doctor, a sassy, tattooed heroine, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Stone Awakened

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Silver fox, Enemies to lovers, Opposites attract

An alien warrior in uniform should be sexy, but it’s nerve-wracking when I'm on an undercover rescue mission.


I don’t think twice about diving headfirst into a dangerous rescue mission, especially when it's for the people who saved me. I'll kick in teeth, swap uniforms, go undercover as a gladiator trainer. Nothing can throw me. Except him.

I need to rescue these kids, escape. But it’s hard to think of a plan, when those gray eyes are always watching. Not everything is what it seems, and when changes come one after the other, I don’t roll with the punches, I might just fall straight into his arms.


There’s only one thing on my mind. Rescue my son. I’ve got a meticulous plan for that and I’m not about to let anyone mess that up.

The stern faced, straight-laced teacher is the last thing I want to deal with, but she’s between me and my son. I shouldn’t find her attractive, she’s on a Crimelord’s payroll. Yet I can’t keep my eyes of her.

She’s an unlikely ally I can work with, and beneath that stern exterior? She’s hiding a fire I shouldn’t want to tame, but I can’t seem to stay away.

Stone Awakened is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, aclever silver fox, a kind-hearted schoolteacher, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Doom Averted

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Grumpy / Sunshine

Trapped on a space wreck, alone. My only hope is a grumpy, sexy voice on the other side of the line.


It’s my worst nightmare, stuck all alone in outer space. Did I mention alone? I’m not hero material, I’m the school dropout, the misfit. Now I have to save myself.

When I manage to send out an SOS, the grumpy alien voice that answers sets my blood on fire. Why do I always fall for the broody, silent type?

Now I need to convince him to rescue me, without scaring him off. I hope he can reach me before I run out of food. But the ship that finds me first… It isn’t his.


I don’t trust the human woman asking for my help, yet I can’t get her out of my head. She gets under my skin like nothing ever has before.

I have to rescue her, and to get to her in time, I do the thing I swore I’d never do again. While my former commanding officer is chasing me to build him a super engine, I make one just to rescue Arianna with her cheerful smile.

She is nothing like me, she’d hate me if she really knew me. I want her anyway. I will protect her from my enemies and from the slavers.

If I can get to her in time...

Doom Averted is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, agrumpy alien recluse, a cheerful, shunshine heroine, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Steel Reforged

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Second chance

Rescuing others has come down to me, the shy, quiet girl, and to do it, I have to give sexy Eoin a second chance.


Stolen from Earth, my world is turned upside down when I have my unexpected, alien baby. Desperately shy, without to protection of my brothers, I struggled to find my place in this new world, and then he showed up.

I thought he understood me, but he’s overbearing, overprotective, and after one night of passion? Downright impossible. I need to stand up for myself, so when we need to rescue two more humans, I leap at the chance to prove myself.

Even if it puts me in danger. Even if it means giving Eoin a second chance.


After I’ve lost everyone I care about more than once in my life. Letting go is the last thing I’m good at, but it’s what my mate wants.

The need to keep her, and her baby, safe is overpowering. Especially when we’re separated from our friends and tumbling from one danger into the next.

To win my mate forever, I will do anything, even if the enemy I have to fight is me.

Steel Reforged is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a heroine who’s slowly gaining her confidence, and an overprotective hero fighting for his second chance. This book has a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Warrior Enchanted

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Cinnamon roll

Abducted, heck no. I’ll rescue myself thank you very much. I don’t need some creepy four-armed alien stalking me either.


Dragged from my home, I’ve rescued myself before, and I’ll do it again if I have to. I don’t trust these aliens that say I’m safe. I especially don’t trust that four-armed creep spying on me and leaving presents at my door.

When I’m kidnapped again, it’s him that’s there for me. Sweeping me off into the trees like he’s freaking Tarzan. He’s willing to put everything on the line just because he thinks I’m his mate.

He’s everything I’m not, cheerful, optimistic. When we find ourselves in hot water, I can see his scars, I can see that we’re not so different after all and I find myself wanting to climb all over him.


I’ve waited for my mate for so long and now she’s finally here. She’s hurt, she’s been through a lot, and she needs her space.

Then she gets stolen and I’m through with waiting, with keeping my distance. I’m going after her, I’m going to woe her until she gives in, and then I’ll make her toes curl between the sheets. Nothing can keep me from her, not even my worst nightmare come true.

Warrior Enchanted is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a sexy alien cinnamon roll looking for love, a prickly heroine who needs a little convincing, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Logic Broken

Romance, Sci-Fi, HEA, Steamy, Alien abduction, Nerd

On the run, wanted for a murder I didn’t commit, my only choice is to trust the strange, nerdy alien that swears to protect me.


Being abducted by aliens? Sure, I can handle that, I’ve always wanted to see what’s out there anyway. Then my degenerate gambler of an owner loses me at alien poker and I need to escape.

The nerdy alien with a cute smile is the one coming to my rescue. Taking names and trading blows, he’s amazing. Things go from bad to worse when we’re put on the most wanted list for a murder we didn’t commit. I have no choice but to trust him, to help him complete his mission.

And that while his tentacles seem determined to bind me to him, every chance they get.


I have two missions, to end Drameil’s reign of terror, and to find out more about the species I have become. As a former AI, I struggle to control the violent impulses that strike me and I fear I will harm those I care about.

When I rescue Jenny, my damn tentacles won’t stop touching her. I don’t know what it means and I fear the worst. To keep her safe, I should send her away, but I can’t. Now my mission is more important than ever.

I have to find out who I have become before it’s too late, and I lose it all.

Logic Broken is a full-length sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a sexy alien former AI, a sweet, adventure-loving heroine, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Note: As the final book in the series, it’s recommended to read the previous books for maximum enjoyment.

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