Taken by the Gargoyle King

My lab and research are my life until a ruthless royal swoops in to steal me for his own purposes.


I was one of the lucky ones. That’s what I always thought. Abducted but embraced by the Aderians that fanned the flames of my passion as a scientist and a healer. I had a lab Earth-me couldn’t even dream of, and if it was a little lonely? What did it matter when I had my research.

Then he happens. Kal. A body like a rock, literally. Wings like a bat, horns, and a lion’s tail. He sweeps into my life in the dark of night and steals me like he has every right. His horns are like a crown on his proud head, proclaiming him a king.

His passion stirs my own, but I intend to fight him tooth and nail, and get out of this with my heart in one piece.


My heart daughter lies dying after the latest assassination attempt, I refuse to let them steal my throne or the one bright light in my life. Kidnapping the right healer is my only choice. I can be ruthless when I have to be. Heads will roll for this.

Once I have the healer in my control, I quickly discover that I need the tiny, feisty human for far more reasons than I ever imagined. She is my mate, the answer to all my prayers.

Another attempt on my life sends us both into mortal danger, but a Tarkan with a mate to protect is a force to be reckoned with. A King with a mate, a child, and a throne to save? Unstoppable.

This spicy sci-fi romance is part of the Abducted by the Ruthless Royal series and can be read as a standalone. It features one ruthless gargoyle king, a feisty human doctor, and a child waiting for her miracle cure. Guaranteed HEA!

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