Healed by the Orc

My vacation turns on its head when ancient stones throw me straight into the arms of an Orc.


I’m dying, that’s what the doctors told me. Visiting my ancestral farm in Ireland is the one thing I still want to do. Well, I get to see green. Lots of it, but not in the way I imagined.

When I touch ancient stones, they send me through a portal and into the arms of a real-life Orc on a flying motorcycle. He’s bright, handsome, too young, and oh-so-tempting. But I can’t commit to anything but going home when I know I won’t last another year.

He doesn’t care. He protects me, covets me, temps me. When his whole society conspires to throw me away, he stands by my side.


My clan wants me to find a mate, and there she is, landing straight in my lap. She’s gorgeous and mutinous. She seems to think she’s too old for me, but I don’t believe that.

I will uncover whatever secrets she hides, the weakness she tries not to show. Even while I endeavor to convince her to stay, to tempt her into my bed.

The overlords are on our tail, eager to throw her off the planet as long as she is unmated. I will dodge them, protect her, and fight them. Nobody takes my mate. She is mine to keep, mine to protect, and mine to heal.

This is a standalone novella and part of the Orcs Unbound series. This steamy sci-fi monster romance features one cheerful, daring Orc, a tough, forty-year-old lady, and a steamy HEA.

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